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Pantai Selatan (2013)

Year : 2013 Director : Chiska Doppert Running Time : 85 min Genre : , ,
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All Genres: Horror, Mistic

Release Date: 26 September 2013

Run Time: 85 min

Country: Indonesia

Languages: Indonesia

Quality: DVD


Director: Chiska Doppert

Writer: Alexander Harry

Stars: Dewi Perssik, Monique Henry, Nikita Mirzani, Fifie Buntaran, Ricky Perdana

Pantai Selatan (2013) Full Movie Story Line:   

In pregnant Lastri run away from home because they were forced to marry by her parents . Agus , future husband , no matter the conditions Lastri . He still wants to be second wife Lastri . Lastri Blorong hiding in caves , before Agus and his friends found him .

Lastri who refused to go home and chose to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff . In the ocean , a large snake appeared and remove the fetus from the abdomen Lastri . The big snake is the master cave Blorong . He was taking care of children Lastri to large . Larasati name.

Larasati left the cave when mature . Her beauty tempt young children . But they become victims Larasati . Larasati has become the incarnation of the goddess of snakes . When killing one penggodanya , Aryo witnessed the incident . Larasati face similar Aryo Lastri make bold to approach this girl . He also told the mystery of her mother’s death . Revenge Lastri bubbling. He demanded revenge and justice for his mother’s death . Agus and his colleagues target .

Tasya , journalists , attracted by a series of mysterious deaths . Tasya curiosity bringing the Larasati . Michael Jackson also helped found the mysterious man who had impregnated Lastri . The name of the man is unknown until Lastri stored suicide .

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